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Every day thousands of people are becoming Christians in China. We praise God for every new believer who comes to the Lord. But, also, we are deeply concerned about their spiritual well-being. Who will teach God's Word to them? Who will help them avoid China's many heresies? Who will show them how to live fruitful Christian lives?

You see, the majority of new believers in China don't know the Bible. Although they have good intentions to follow God; they can fail. Often, their pastors too are poorly equipped.

God has called us to help change this by resourcing Christians in China to dig deep into God's Word using Derek Prince's Bible teaching.

Thanks to generous friends like you, we have been making Derek's teaching available to Chinese Christians for over 30 years. But, the need to continue to do so is now more urgent than ever.

Our outreach plan for 2015 is simple:

  • For young leaders we have audio resources on MP3 players. They are durable, easy to carry and loaded with Bible teaching by Derek Prince as well as hymns and worship songs.
  • For mature leaders we want to print 200,000 copies of Life-Changing Spiritual Power - a compilation of six books by Derek Prince offering vital Bible teaching on a wide range of issues.

Now with your help we can put such vital discipleship tools into the hands of thousands of Chinese Christians.

Please give now.

Together we will continue to turn converts into disciples in China and help pastors to grow spiritually healthy churches.

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