Who we are 

Derek Prince Ministries (DPM) is an international ministry with over 45 national and outreach offices in different parts of the world.

"Our mission is to make Derek’s teaching available to spiritually hungry Christians through books, audio visual resources and websites in over 100 languages - especially in countries where there is persecution and poverty."

Every year hundreds of thousands of new and mature Christians experience victory, freedom and peace through Derek’s teaching. Testimonies we receive from believers in New Zealand and other parts of the world show how God is continuing to use Derek Prince’s teaching to impact lives and enable people to experience the fullness of His blessings .

Through our outreach initiatives supported by individuals like you, and churches like yours, we are combating spiritual hunger around the world by providing discipleship resource for believers, pastors and Bible college students who are seeking to gain better understanding of God’s Word and grow spiritually.

What we believe - read our statement of faith.

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