Dear Friend,

What a year 2020 has been—for China and for the rest of the world! Yet the work of the DPM-China team continues strong—praying for and serving China’s church by supplying Derek's teaching materials to the believers there.

Making a Difference

We have not slowed down our long-term ministries to China, such as printing and distributing Derek’s books. In 2020, we printed and gave away 347,700 books with 16 different titles.
But at the same time, we have recently seen a huge increase in our online audience in China. We have already reached 512 cities or towns across 34 provinces and districts of China. Almost everywhere in China there are users of our WeChat platform and websites. We are really making a difference with the new online outreaches!
“It is really amazing that my husband and I found the online teaching of Derek Prince again after many years. There are many different teachings in China, but we always think Derek Prince’s teaching is the best.”

A Growing Shadow Across China

We are well aware that our task today is tougher than last year. One of our DPM team who is from Mainland China put it this way:
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“Not only is there currently a global pandemic, but at the same time, the persecution Chinese Christians face from their local governments has reached a completely new level. In some ways, we can call it the second Cultural Revolution. 2021 threatens to be a very hard year for believers in China.”

This new clampdown on the Chinese church, coupled with a severe lack of Bible knowledge and understanding among many believers, makes our task more challenging than ever. We believe this window of time right now is critical – it is a time to pray and act “while it is still day.”  As Brother Lin has shared with us:

“We started our house church gathering from 2007, but we really lack sufficient spiritual materials. We can only use our limited resources to help brothers and sisters around us.”

Our Ongoing Strategies 


  • To continue printing anointed Chinese versions of Derek’s books.

Our plan for the coming year, though challenging, is to match the 2020 total of books distributed—at least 330,000
life-giving books for Chinese believers. The believers we serve are continually asking for more—so we can hardly do less!

The books range in price between $0.30 and $1.50 per copy, so the average price per book is just $0.90 cents. A gift of $100, for example, would supply about 100 books to Chinese believers. Our overall 2021 printing budget for China is $300,000.

From Brother Han: “Thank you for sending Derek’s books to us. These are the best presents I have ever received. Please accept my sincere gratitude.” These are the voices we are hearing; these are the China responses that motivate us.


  • To produce USBs packed with life-giving teaching by Derek Prince.

We are distributing USB devices packed full of Derek’s digital materials—as much as we can put onto each device. The USBs (around US$7.50 each) have a converter which enables them to be connected to Android cell phones as well as computers.  

In 2020, you helped us distribute over 20,000 of these. Thank you for helping in this way to place permanent USB libraries—each containing Derek's materials in written, audio, and audio-visual formats—into the hands of leaders and churches throughout China.

  • To continue producing Bible audio devices.

For those less able to read, we have created Bible Audio Devices loaded with an audio Bible and all of Derek’s major messages and 15-minute audio teachings. The Bible Audio Devices cost $20 each.
“Many are hungry and look online for teachings, but there are many false teachings, cults and sects. Thank you for providing those USBs and audio devices, they help us avoid being led astray and to feed on the Bible. It is just what was needed.” (Brother Zhang)

  • To use our Online Ministry to reach right across China.

Our online ministry is led by two mainland Chinese believers who are burdened for their fellow believers in China. This comment from Sister Zhang shows how well our online work is received.
“This online course will be a new beginning for us; we will use all these teachings for our daily services to our church. May the Lord greatly bless you. We know there are a lot of preachers in China who need such teaching and training!”

As every day passes, Covid-19 and the pressures on the Chinese church make the online work more vital. Preachers in the Chinese house churches reach out to us for online training materials and spiritual bread online.

An Invitation to Sow

In John 4:35 Jesus said: “Do you not say, ‘There are still four months and then comes the harvest’? Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!”

If you would like to sow into China at this time, here are some ideas of what your donation could achieve:

  • A gift of $18 could provide 20 Derek Prince books

  • A gift of $30 would enable us to produce 4 USB devices

  • A gift of $60 would make 3 Bible Audio Devices available

  • A gift of $100 would help to support our team of online workers 

China’s fields, even in the midst of huge challenges, are white for harvest. Thank you for standing with us through your prayers and your support.  Please help us make 2021 a year of great harvest amongst the people of China.

In His Name,                                                               




Ross Paterson

DPM-China Director



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