Why Do These Things Happen to God’s People?

Week 1, The Sin of Independence

Trouble in the Garden

Derek begins this week's message concerning The Sin of Independence by going back to the beginning: to Adam and Eve, and the serpent in the garden. Satan, the serpent, caused Eve to question whether what God said was the truth. Her response can be stated in three words, reflecting the downward steps Satan still uses today—doubt, disbelief, and disobedience.


The First Motivator

Today Derek looks at Satan’s motivational speech to Eve. He asserted that she could do and be whatever she wanted and not have to depend on God. She fell for it and Adam joined in causing all mankind to partake of this fallen nature. Our answer to this problem is to reverse it by surrendering our all to God.


Keys to Dependence

Derek begins his message today by exploring how we are to lay down our independence and learn dependence on God. One way that doesn’t seem too enjoyable is waiting. Trust the Lord and wait to see what He will do in your life. Seek what He wants you to do, not just follow your own plan. Abraham and Moses are great examples Derek uses to illustrate this point.


Desperately Waiting

In today’s session Derek looks at how God deals with this problem of independence in man. We may find ourselves in a position like the one the children of Israel faced at the Red Sea—where there is nothing we can do but cry out to the Lord for help and then wait to see what He will do. He waits for us to become desperate and then He acts on our behalf.


Depending on God

Ending this week’s message Derek shares a few personal memories concerning his dependence on God. Derek finishes with an opportunity for those who are afraid of losing their independence or who have reached the point of desperation. Won't you make a decision and reach out to God for help?