What It Means to Be a Man of God


The Authority of Scripture

Derek begins this study by stressing that the Word of God, the Scripture, is the only source of true authority. His concern is that it is being systematically undermined and, very often, by those who profess to represent God. Using the statements of Jesus about males and females and marriage, Derek makes clear what is the basis for human relationships and family order. It has never changed.


God the Father, Christ the Son

Jesus went to the cross in obedience to His Father. Derek uses this progression to show the order of authority—coming down from God to Jesus, and then to the husband and father, and on to the wife and mother. The father is commissioned to be priest, prophet, and king in the family, fulfilling the responsibilities given to him.


A Father like Abraham

Derek today looks at God’s view of Abraham as a father who commanded his children. It is stressed in the book of Malachi that God hates divorce. Parents, especially fathers, need to be an example to their children, teaching them to be godly offspring, not children abandoned to the Destroyer.


Responsibilities of a Man of God

Derek speaks about the need for a man to demonstrate love and discipline in order to raise successful children. He then goes into what it means to be a man of God by looking at elders in the New Testament church. For an elder to rule well, he must stand out in front of his family and his church. The concepts there are leadership and protection.


Being Un-worldly

Today Derek finishes this theme by addressing the need for believers to think and live under another government—the government of God. He challenges us, the church, to speak up in the midst of wrongs and present the truth of God's Word in every situation. Be a true representative, an ambassador of heaven.