What God’s Word Will Do for You, Part 2

Mental Illumination

God’s Word is the source of mental illumination. Derek explains how it penetrates our minds like a ray of light and dispels the darkness that has been produced by our alienation from God; and how, just as there is no substitute for light in the physical realm, so there is no substitute for God’s Word in the spiritual realm.


Victory Over Sin and Satan

Is there a way to lead a pure life in today’s world? It often seems almost inevitable that we’ll be involved in immorality and various forms of impurity. But the psalmist says that a young person can keep his or her way pure. How? If we follow the principles that are laid down for us in the Word of God.


Cleansing and Sanctification

God’s Word is the means by which we can cleanse and sanctify ourselves; that is, to make us holy. God’s ultimate purpose goes beyond simply making us pure and separating us from sin. His ultimate purpose is to make us share in His own holiness.


Our Mirror

Derek shares in the ways in which God’s Word is our mirror. When we look into the Word of God, it shows us not our outward, external features, but what we really are inside. It’s our mirror.


Our Judge

In today’s message, Derek talks about how God’s Word is our judge. Many people don’t like to think about judgment, but the fact of the matter is that judgment is a part of God’s total dealing with the human race. Furthermore, in the last resort, the final judge is God Himself. This is clearly presented throughout the whole Bible. Someday we will all have to answer to God.