The Enemies We Face, Part 4

The Church’s Victory



Derek begins this final talk by looking at the end-time church in the book of Revelation to describe who are overcomers. Jesus spoke to the seven churches in the early chapters, giving promises to everyone who overcomes. God has made it possible to overcome and He expects us to overcome. But we must do our part.


Weapons for Victory

Today we look at weapons useful in our warfare. These weapons are not carnal but spiritual, reaching deep within the battlefield of the mind. We must guard against division in the church, and know and proclaim the whole of God’s Word. Are you ready to fight?


Proclaiming and Humbling

Derek continues to look at what is needed for the church to be victorious over its enemies. All of God’s Word must be proclaimed and taught—for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, and for instruction in righteousness. Humbling ourselves with fasting is another important weapon the church must utilize.


Armor and Power

In Ephesians Paul tells us to take up the whole armor of God. Derek highlights the fact that it is the believers who must take it up, put it on, and also use the weapon of “all prayer.” Derek then shows us the need to use the supernatural gifts of God to demonstrate the reality of God’s power. We proclaim the gospel while confronting the powers of darkness.


Praise and Proclamation

Derek finishes this series by speaking about the power of praise to silence the enemy and the avenger. God has given this ability to our mouths—to use words to praise Him and to proclaim His Word over all situations. As we continual to do this, victory is assured. We will see the defeat of our enemies.