The Enemies We Face, Part 3

The Spirit of Antichrist



Derek begins this week’s study on the spirit of antichrist by explaining the real meaning of the phrase. Its purpose is to exclude the Messiah, and then replace Him with a false messiah. In time, humanity will be forced to choose between the real and the false.


Three Forms of Antichrist

Derek reveals through Scripture that there are three forms of antichrist. First, there are many antichrists, and in the course of history many have appeared on the world’s stage. Second, there is the Antichrist who will arise at the end of the age to dominate the human race for a brief period. The third form is the spirit of antichrist, which operates through those who deny that Jesus is the Messiah.


Antichrists and Islam

Today we look at men who claimed to be the Messiah and led many Jews astray. Then Derek delves into the origin of Mohammed and the religion of Islam. He explains some of its teachings, warning of the dangers it presents, revealing Islam’s denial that Jesus is the Son of God.


The Antichrist

In this session Derek finishes looking at the spirit of Antichrist, which he began yesterday. Then he begins to deal with the person known as the antichrist. He notes that the “falling away” or apostasy must occur first. This apostasy a deliberate rejection of revealed truth, and it will open the door for this man.


Revelation and the Antichrist

Derek turns to the book of Revelation to look at the Lion, who is the Lamb, to contrast Him to the Antichrist who is identified as a wild beast. He then comments on the work of the beast on earth with most of humanity worshiping him, and how he will persecute the saints.