Relationship with God

Christianity Is Based on Right Relationships

Christianity is primarily a religion of right relationships rather than right doctrines. If our relationships with our fellow human beings are wrong, our relationship with God cannot possibly be right.


Covenant Based on Sacrifice

The vertical beam of the cross speaks about a personal relationship with God. Derek will explain the only basis on which God will enter into such a relationship with man.


God’s Covenant with Abraham

Today Derek speaks about the covenant that God made with Abraham in Genesis chapter 15. This is a most beautiful and detailed picture of how God enters into covenant with man.


Friendship with God

Listen today as Derek traces the outworking of God’s covenant with Abraham in history, and also in the personal relationship that it produced between God and Abraham.


Union with God

Using examples from the Old Testament in how God dealt with Israel in the Old Testament, Derek explains that when God redeemed Israel out of Egypt and made a covenant with them, He became their husband. This covenant relationship was as binding as that of a husband and wife, so their subsequent disobedience was referred to by their prophets as adultery.