Overcoming Guilt, Shame, and Rejection


Derek begins this study by looking at guilt and the remedy for it through the Lamb who carries away our sin. We obtain forgiveness of sin by confessing it and receiving our forgiveness, then walking in the righteousness Christ has provided for us; a righteousness which has never known sin, which has no guilty past, and which has nothing to be ashamed of.



Today Derek looks at shame we experience and how Jesus bore our shame on the cross as He hung there, despising his nakedness. He was put on view for all to see, bearing that shame for all mankind that we may see ours exchanged for His glory and be cleansed and healed.



Beginning in this session Derek looks at rejection, which he terms the deepest wound of the human spirit. It is more than emotions although that is affected; it’s something that goes deeper into the very spirit of a person and can begin even while in the womb before you are born.


Remedy for Rejection

Derek continues looking at kinds and causes of rejection such as an orphan might experience, or the break-up of a marriage, or self-rejection. He then looks at the remedy… the cross, where Jesus experienced first rejection from His own people, the Jews, and then from His own Father God, leading to His death of a broken heart.


Accepted in the Beloved

Derek finishes this study by using the Word to show that through the finished work of Jesus, we are accepted by God into His family. He leads us in a prayer to receive what God has provided; for guilt you are pronounced NOT GUILTY, for shame you have been given His GLORY, and for rejection you have been ACCEPTED. You’re not just tolerated, you’re WELCOME into His presence and all He has.