Laying the Foundation, Part 8

At the End of Time


Time vs. Eternity

Derek begins this study noting that time is something we are passing through; the things we experience here in this life are but for a moment. One day we will pass out of time into eternity which is our permanent, ultimate reality. What we do here and now will affect who we are in eternity.


Biblical Prophecy

Today Derek outlines the importance of biblical prophecy as light for us in this dark world. He stresses the importance for us to pay attention to what Scripture says, and get to know what God has revealed and wants us to understand. Then we must obey and act on these words.


End-Time Birth Pangs

Derek looks at end-time prophecies, showing us that though the world gets darker, our rest and our confidence must be in the Lord. We must endure. The church Jesus wants will not be deterred by opposition or persecution. It is committed to Him, His purposes and His tasks.


Rapture and Revelation

Derek explains the meaning of rapture as it concerns Christians when Jesus returns. Each of us will be judged. This will not be a judgment of condemnation but to assess the quality of our service and to give the appropriate rewards. Then Derek takes a look at the final overthrow of the antichrist.


Establishing the Kingdom

Concluding this week’s study, Derek finishes his outline of events after Christ’s return. This includes the establishment of Jesus’ kingdom on earth, the final judgment of the nations, and the coming of the new heaven and earth.