Laying the Foundation, Part 7

Transmitting God’s Power


Laying on of Hands

Derek begins this week’s study of transmitting God’s power by looking at the spiritual purposes of laying hands on someone. For example, it is used to transmit blessings—such as authority, wisdom, the Holy Spirit, or a spiritual gift or ministry. Secondly, it is used to commission someone for an area of service.



Today Derek looks at Old Testament examples of how authority or wisdom was transmitted by a laying on of hands. Then, looking in the New Testament, we see laying on of hands used for healing. Derek makes some interesting observations concerning praying for healing for unbelievers and for believers.


Imparting and Commissioning

Derek uses Scriptures to show how people received the Holy Spirit by others laying their hands on them. He then goes on to look at the apostles’ commissioning men to serve in the Jerusalem church by the laying on of hands. By this act, they became administrators, and servants of all.


Sending and Appointing

Today Derek shares with us examples from the New Testament church of how the laying on of hands was used to send out apostles and appoint local church elders. The purpose is to transmit authority and to set them apart, by endorsing and equipping someone for service.


Timothy, Chosen and Set Apart

Derek finishes this study of transmitting God’s power by looking at Paul’s letter to Timothy, reminding him of the gift he received when the elders laid their hands on him. Prophecies were made over Timothy, and Paul encourages him to wage war with them. Derek then deals with dangers and safeguards concerning the laying on of hands.