Laying the Foundation, Part 4

Faith & Works


Believe and Do

Derek begins this week’s message by looking at faith and its place in receiving the gospel, making clear just what the gospel is. He then goes into the relationship between faith and works, revealing the danger of legalism but also the misunderstanding of what grace is. We have been made new creations through faith in order to do the good works God has prepared for us.


Grace and Law

Today Derek talks about. There is a difference between what the law would have you do—although you can’t—and how grace has been provided to help you. The Law is needed to get you to the point where you see your need for grace. That is its purpose.


Son of God or Slave of Law

Derek addresses the problem of trying to live halfway between rules and grace, and shows there is no way for that to happen. Keeping a set of rules will never make you righteous. Through Romans, Derek explains that when we are alive in Jesus we have died to the law and it no longer has rule over us.


The Law of Self-Dependence

Today we look at the problem of those who have received the grace of God through Christ, but then try to keep their righteous standing through works. Derek uses the book of Galatians to show how legalism had come into the church. Then he stresses that the Holy Spirit is received by faith, not by works.


Love, the Righteous Requirement

Derek finishes this week’s study of faith and works by looking at the only righteous requirement of the law. That is love—and is the objective in the Christian life. Love must be the motivation behind all we do and say as we continue to grow. Since your faith is accounted to you for righteousness, there is no guilt or condemnation, though you may stumble in your love walk. You are now free in Christ.