Laying the Foundation, Part 10

Final Judgment


Two Types of Judgments

Derek begins this study of eternal judgment by first distinguishing between judgments that take place in historical settings, and eternal judgment that will confront us as we step out of time into eternity. He then begins a look at five principles of God’s Judgment.


Principles and Scenes of Judgment

Today we look at three remaining principles or reasons for God’s judgment when appearing before Him. Derek then lists five main features of the judgment before Christ for believers. This will be a personal, individual assessment of the service of our lives, but without condemnation.


Testing Our Works

Derek notes that he is not talking about a judgment of condemnation for the believer in Christ, but that which looks at the service we have offered to Jesus during our lives on earth. Derek begins by looking at two parables concerning our faithfulness to use what God has given us.


Using Your Talents

Derek looks at the Parable of the Talents today by going through what each person was given and how the talents were invested and what rewards were given. He notes that God gives talents according to what He knows you can do with them. Believe in the trust He has in you. You can use those talents for Him—don’t hide them away.


Judgments of Israel and Gentile Nations

Finishing this study of eternal judgment, Derek reveals how Israel will be judged for their disobedience and unfaithfulness to God, but that they will be saved when they recognize Jesus as their Messiah. The Gentile nations will then be finally dealt with for their part in dividing up Israel’s land.