Laying the Foundation, Part 1

Founded on the Rock


Christ the Rock

In this first of a series of teachings on Laying the Foundation, Derek uses the picture of constructing a building to show how important laying a solid foundation is to building the Christian life. There is only one foundation for this structure, and we must be sure our lives are built on Jesus Himself.


Personal Encounter of the Jesus Kind

Derek uses a dialogue between Jesus and Peter to give four phases we must all experience when we encounter Jesus: confrontation, revelation, acknowledgement, and public confession. Each of us at some point will come to a critical moment when we openly acknowledge or deny our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Hearing and Doing

In today’s program, Derek shares two ways in which we can wisely begin to build on our foundation. But first, there are issues in our lives to be dug out of the way—such as traditions and prejudices. No matter what culture you grow up in, there are things that need to be eliminated.



Derek continues providing three more issues that must be dealt with: preconceptions, unbelief, and rebellion. He then asks, “What is your attitude to the Bible?” Do you realize that Jesus and the Bible are both referred to as “the Word”? Your attitude toward one is your attitude toward the other.


Motivated by Love

Derek finishes this week’s teaching by summarizing what really makes a disciple. Jesus told His disciples that if they loved Him they would keep His words and that He and His Father would come to indwell them. Love is the motivation for obedience to Jesus, His Word, and the Father. Your obedience in love is what draws them.