Identification, Part 4



Over the past three weeks, Derek has been showing us how the concept of identification is the key that opens up for us a full understanding of the purpose of the death of Jesus and so enables us to enter into all that He obtained for us through His death.


The First Barrier: Ignorance

In today’s talk, Derek uncovers the first of two barriers that come in the way of keeping us from being fully identified with Jesus Christ and what His death has purchased for us. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. We are unaware of promises of our inheritance.


The Second Barrier: Unbelief

Today we find out that it is not enough to know the truth—we must also believe the truth. Knowing is in the mind, but belief is in the heart. Accept the fact that unbelief is a sin—and it is an evil that keeps us from what God has ordained for us.


Faith Must Be Confessed

Derek teaches us today that salvation requires a cooperation between the heart and the mouth. Believing in the heart enables us to achieve righteousness. This is only achieved as we confess with our mouth what we believe in our heart. Make the words of your mouth agree with God’s Word.


The Roman Recipe

The book of Romans is the source of the today’s installment of Derek’s teaching on the theme of identification. There are three successive phases of this Romans Recipe, each comprising steps that we must follow to accomplish the desire result: identification with Christ.