I Will Shake All Things, Week 1

Judgment Coming

Derek begins this look at Scripture where God says He will shake all things. It is a time when all will be judged. On the basis of how we have lived, whether by sin or by righteousness, we will face the judgment of God administered by the Lord Jesus.


Facing the Storm

Today Derek speaks about Jesus’ the house that is built upon a rock. This refers to whether or not our lives have been built on His Word. Of the two houses, one was built on a firm foundation, and the other was built on sand. Derek then looks at what we can expect to be shaken: things like our families, businesses, governments, religious institutions, and finally the whole earth.


Shaking the Earth

Derek looks at three charges given by God through the prophet Isaiah concerning the inhabitants of the earth in the last days. They have transgressed the laws, they have changed the ordinance, and they have broken the everlasting covenant. The description of what happens next could be frightening if our trust were not in the Lord.


Dealing with Pride and Carnality

Derek goes to the book of Revelation to look at the root cause of the wrath of the Lamb, which is the general degeneration of human character. The particular aspect that is highlighted there is pride, and the main way for us to deal with it is through confession of our sins. Derek then discloses something else God hates, which is carnality.


Perilous Times

We finish this week by looking at eighteen distinct moral blemishes that are prevalent in the last days—including the love of self, love of money, and love of pleasure. These are rampant in the end times, with the corrupting influence of the occult in many various forms aiding in this breakdown. The only remedy for these things, the only place of security and strength, is in the Word of God.