Glimpses of the End

Perilous Times

Derek begins his study this week by looking at Paul’s warning to Timothy concerning eighteen attitudes that will overtake people in the last days. Among these moral blemishes are three in particular that Derek highlights. These are the love of self, love of money, and love of pleasure. Derek points out that these people have a form of godliness; being professing Christians who are deceived by these worldly lures. And Jesus taught His disciples about this in His Parable of Seed Sown.


The Cross

Today Derek addresses the importance of denying our self-pleasing desires, and the need to take up our cross and follow Jesus. We are to be His disciples and learn from Him how we are to live. The cross is the place where we must make decisions that will forever affect our future.


Forms of Godliness

In this session Derek continues with the conditions we must meet to be victorious Christians. Then he goes on to look at what it means to have a form of godliness but deny its power. There are those who seem to want spiritual help, but really aren’t serious with God. Since the days will come when there will be opposition from the occult, we must be ready for it.


Trusting the Scriptures

Derek speaks on the faithfulness and power of the Scriptures, exhorting us to place our trust in them and not to be moved. The Word of God is the source from which we can confidently speak and teach, knowing that as we do, God will confirm His Word.


Servants and Ministers

Derek finishes this week’s message by looking at how the Lord confirmed the preached Word in Scripture—with signs and wonders. He is just the same today. Derek then looks at the two words, ministers and servants, pointing out that they have the same meaning. This is what we are to be: ministers or servants of the Word.