Fruit of the Spirit, Week 1

How Fruit Comes

The fruit of the Spirit in nine forms is: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. In speaking about how fruit comes, Derek tells us that we need to bear in mind that both fruit and gifts are equally from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit gives the gifts; the Holy Spirit also brings forth fruit. Both are equally the will of God



Today Derek will deal with the first form of fruit of the Holy Spirit, which is love. First of all, love is primary in the Christian faith. It occupies a place of importance that it shares with nothing else. Ultimately, all that really matters in the Christian life, Paul says, is faith expressing itself through love. External ordinances and rituals are of secondary importance. The center of your whole faith is expressed through love



Today Derek tackles the second form of fruit, the fruit of joy. Joy is a beautiful word. When God blesses parents with a beautiful baby girl, a name they might choose for her is “Joy.” Altogether, there is something beautiful about joy. However, in order to experience its beauty in our lives, we need to understand the real nature of joy. And, in order to understand that, we must know something about human personality.



The third form of the fruit of the Spirit is the fruit of peace. From the negative point of view, peace implies the absence of conflict. Certainly, there can be no peace where there is conflict. But to end conflict requires reconciliation. It is important to see that. True peace only comes, however, when two who are at opposition have been reconciled. Peace is made possible only through reconciliation.



The fruit of patience includes two distinct, but related aspects of character. These are: steadfastness in enduring troubles and also slowness in avenging wrongs. Without both of these aspects, patience is incomplete. To have true, scriptural patience, you must combine both of these.