Father God

Knowing the Father

Derek begins this week's message about knowing God as your Father. That entails not just knowing about Him, but actually knowing the reality of your relationship with Him. Jesus said no one could come to the Father except through Him. To illustrate this, Derek tells of his own experience in discovering this truth after he was saved.


Revealing the Father

In today’s study, Derek looks at how Jesus revealed God as Father. He did this by living like a Son of God, trusting in and obeying His Father. He came to reveal the Father’s heart to a world that didn’t know what it was to have a loving, merciful Father who cared for them and offered them rest.


Finding Security in an Insecure World

Derek speaks on four important results that come from knowing God as Father, the first three of which are covered today. First, it will give you a sense of personal identity—you know who you really are. Next, you will know that you have a home in heaven. The third result is having total security. When you’re in the Father’s hand there is nothing that can snatch you away.



Derek reveals the fourth result from knowing the God as Father. This is our motivation to serve Him. Jesus’ motivation was to please the Father, and that must be a priority in our lives as well. Derek once was success-driven, and relates some early experiences that failed to bring fulfillment. It was after knowing God as a Father that he experienced a desire to please.


Being a Son or Daughter

Today Derek finishes this study by going back over those four results that come through knowing God as a Father. You know who you are and who your Father is. You know that you have a home in heaven. You now have total security. And your number one goal is to please your Father. Then your life will speak volumes to those who are desperately searching for those assurances. And you can give them the solution!