Facing Perilous Times


Discerning Bible Prophecy

Derek begins this message by giving an understanding of contradictions between the two sides of prophecy; what is true and what is distorted by darkness. Using Scripture he brings out that in the end times the light will get lighter and brighter in believers, while deep darkness will cover the earth.


Wheat and Tares

Today we look at the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares, as Derek continues to expound on the principle of intermingling good and evil. The sons of the kingdom and the sons of the wicked one will grow up together, coming to fruition at the end of the age—sons of light becoming brilliant while those in darkness go to unimaginable depths.


Perilous Times

Derek addresses perilous times that will come, reading from 2 Timothy, chapter 3. He adds that "perilous times" can also mean "times of stress," which we are experiencing today. He reveals a progression of corruption using marks of moral degeneration: From love of self and love of money, leading on to love of pleasure, adding Paul’s own words to Timothy: “From such, turn away.”



Today Derek goes to the root problem of those who have a form of godliness but deny its power, which is selfishness. Next, he comments on unscrupulous teachers who make money out of gullible women. Derek then begins to deal with the proliferation of occult practices that have become very common in our day.


Living in the Supernatural

Derek finishes this week’s message using Moses’ confrontation with Pharaoh’s magicians as an example. As darkness increases, we will need to use the power of God to battle these forces. Going on in the passage from 2 Timothy 3, we are exhorted to continue in our reliance on God and the knowledge of His Word to overcome every form of opposition we may encounter.