Commanded to Love

A New Commandment

Derek begins this message by looking at Jesus’ words to His disciples giving them a new commandment; to love one another. By this will all men know that we are His disciples. To love one another is not a choice, a suggestion, or a recommendation; this was a commandment. We can either obey it or be disobedient. This type of love lays down its life for those whom are loved.


Love Is a Decision

In today’s session Derek looks at the kind of love we have for God—a love that is a decision we need to make, rather than an emotional feeling. It can be a personal decision or a corporate one where we all decide to love one another. And we are to love one another from a pure heart, fervently. This is only possible because we have been born of the seed of the Word of God.


The Perfect, Royal Law

Derek looks at Scriptures that describe the "law of love" as being the royal law. When you truly love you will not break any commandment because you are obeying this supreme law of love. It is the perfect law because it contains all laws and gives liberty to those whose hearts are consumed with loving others.



Today Derek tells of his experience when the Lord put within him an ability to share in Christ’s compassion for the suffering. This supernatural concern for orphans, widows, the poor and the oppressed reshaped his life in his latter years.


Sharing Christ’s Sufferings

Derek finishes his message of love with an offer for those listening to make a commitment according to Philippians 3 to share in Christ’s sufferings for the church. This is a personal decision between you and the Lord. As a result, you will draw closer to Him and find a new place in your relationship; also laying down your life for the love of the brethren.