Caleb: Lessons from a Dog’s Life

Spying Out the Land

Derek begins this look at the man, Caleb, whose name means “dog.” Along with Joshua, Caleb made a proclamation of faith for entering the Promised Land. The others in the scouting party took the opposite stand by proclaiming fear instead. We will see how both groups got what they said, confirming Derek's teaching on the importance and power of our words.


Wholly Following the Lord

Today we will see how people who despise God’s grace make Him angry. And, though we may be forgiven of sin, it still has its consequences. Wouldn't you rather have God say of you that you "wholly followed the Lord"? This was how God viewed Caleb, "a dog," who wholly followed his Master.


Follow Jesus

Derek speaks about how relationship with the Lord is more important than doctrine. There were times when Jesus simply said, "Follow Me." Using this as the picture, Derek describes Caleb, the dog. A faithful dog loves his master and as part of the relationship he stays near, ever ready to follow his master.



Continuing on with his look at Caleb's life patterning a dog’s life, Derek encourages us to have dogged faith and courage—faith that will not give up. It is through faith and patience that we will inherit the promises of God, and patience involves waiting. It is a test of character. Who are you on the inside? What stuff are you made of?


Caleb’s Reward

Derek finishes his teaching today by looking at Caleb’s reward—the mountain Moses gave him forty years prior. After entering the land, Caleb still had to conquer some giants to possess that mountain, but he succeeded and made his home there. He wholly followed the Lord. Are you, like Paul, striving to follow the Lord—to know what is the mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory?