Dear Friend,

Derek Prince Ministries’ constant endeavor, in the island nation of Sri Lanka, has been to bring a message of enduring hope through Christ Jesus.  Together with our Sri Lanka coordinators – Sam and Olivia - we have been able to touch the lives and provide Bible teaching to no less than 5,000 leaders all across this nation in the past three years.  This has been possible through your generous donations and we would like to say a huge “thank you” for helping us bring Derek’s teaching to these leaders.

After each visit, we leave with a promise to come back with more of Derek’s teaching material and resources that will help the small percentage of committed Christians in this land to build their spiritual lives on a strong foundation so that they, in return, will go out into the harvest and bring many more into the knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  

In further fulfillment of this commitment, we are now conducting the DPM Bible Training Course twice a year in different cities.  

We began at Jaffna in the north where 70 people, mostly young leaders, attended.  Initially confused at why we saw more young people than older pastors whom we had expected, we asked the organizing church, only to realize that these were indeed the leaders here in these churches.  This is a direct outcome of the civil war and a confirmation that the resources we are able to provide are absolutely vital to the growth, health and vitality of the Sri Lankan church and its leaders.  

One of the pastors attending the training seminars was so convicted by what he learnt that he travelled two hundred kilometers one night, during the seminar, to go back to his wife and daughter so that he could revoke the curses he had spoken over them and replace them with a blessing.  He then travelled back so he could attend the teaching seminars the next morning.  This is the impact that Derek’s teaching has on many whom it reaches.  

Through these conferences held throughout the nation, many, many soul-stirring and inspiring testimonies have been received.  After one seminar, a young Pastor and his wife began to teach at their church on Curses and Blessings.  They used DPM’s Life Changing Spiritual Power book which we gave them as a guide to help them along.  As a result, things that had been placed in the homes of their congregation – items of witchcraft and sorcery - began to manifest or be revealed and many received a great deliverance.  They did not go to the houses of believers or pray for them….all they did was – teach!

A senior pastor (67 years old) who has 47 branch churches under his oversight in the northern districts, travelled all the way from Sri Lanka to our office in Trichy, India to give thanks for the books and teaching he had received which he said has given him a fresh perspective and inspired and emboldened him to minister the truth of God’s Word rather than fables that are pleasing to the ears of men.

The well-respected Lanka Bible College have now told us they would like to introduce us to their graduate pastors who work in the Sinhala-speaking areas and will help us to organize seminars there as well as distribute SD cards loaded with Derek’s teaching.  

The second trip we will make into Sri Lanka in September 2017 will focus on the Sinhala-speaking areas and pastors.  As we have travelled throughout the island and have a database of every person who has attended our conferences, we already have many distribution networks in place to provide more teaching.

In Sri Lanka it costs just $4.50 to produce an SD Card loaded with Derek’s audio teaching.  In the coming year we would like to distribute 5,000 cards at a cost of $21,500.  Would you be able to help us by sponsoring five, 10 or even 50 of these Derek Prince audio libraries which will go all over Sri Lanka?

DPM’s ministry into Sri Lanka has also meant that Sinhala-speaking Christians, who previously had very few teaching resources, are now beginning to see Derek’s Sinhala books as an answer to their cry.

The need is so great…and we must put as much Bible teaching as we can into Sinhala so we will be able to reach and teach the major ethnic group of this country.  

We now have the opportunity to respond to the cry of the church, in this predominantly Buddhist country, for more Bible teaching in their ethnic language and to help them grow strong  in their faith, enabling them to bring many more to salvation through Christ Jesus.  

This year, as funds allow, we would like to translate and print six more books in the Sinhala language.  Could you help us, please?

Our co-workers, Sam and Olivia, work tirelessly to help the people of their nation see the hope that is available for them in Jesus.  We need to help them, not only by praying for them but by supplying Derek’s teaching and blessing the church in Sri Lanka. 

We would like to ask if you can be part of God’s on-going work in this country by making a gift of $20, $50 or more by donating securely online:


Thank you so much for your support!

God’s Blessings,