Dear Friend,  

I would like you to picture this: Nadezhda and Vasily live in a small town in Russia. Often, Vasily comes home drunk and beats up his wife in front of their children. He is angry because he cannot find a job. So, he takes his frustrations out on his wife.

Nadezhda feels broken and unable to cope. Her hands shake all the time. She avoids eye contact when she talks to her neighbors.

She has not been to church for years but when she is alone, Nadezhda prays for a miracle. She knows that God can change things, but she doesn’t know how.

This is where you and our DPM outreach workers come into the picture.

Someone like Nadezhda needs to discover that God’s Word can transform their lives and their marriages. Will you help?

You can help release the healing power of God’s Word into the lives of people like Nadezhda by sending a gift of $30 to DPM today.

Your gift can enable believers in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Estonia, Georgia and other former Soviet Republics to put Derek’s Bible teaching into the hands of those who are struggling with hopelessness, pain and poverty.

Nadezhda’s neighbor is one of them. She saw how Nadezhda was suffering, so she prayed with her and gave her Derek’s book, The Marriage Covenant in Russian.

As Nadezhda used Derek’s book to delve into what the Bible said about marriage, she realized that she needed to dedicate her life and her marriage to God. So she did so.   

Over time, as Nadezhda grew in her faith and knowledge of the Bible, she saw God transform her husband from an alcoholic into a believer in Jesus.

Nadezhda story is just one example of what life can really be like for thousands of people in the former Soviet Republics and how your gift can make a huge difference.

Your generous giving can transform lives forever

By supporting our DPM outreach in 15 countries in this region, you are offering people like Nadezhda the chance to draw strength from God’s Word. 

For example, with your help we distributed 60,000 copies of They Shall Expel Demons, Prophetic Guide to the End Times, God’s Remedy for Rejection and Self-Study Bible Course in Russian to local churches and prisons over the last two years.

In fact, we are one of the few ministries that are offering free Bible teaching to prisoners. We are seeing prisoners being touched by Derek’s teaching. This is what an inmate from a prison in Ukraine wrote to us recently:

“Reading Derek’s books helped me to see God’s plan for my life. Thanks to this teaching—I am a changed man. I have a new heart and a new soul. Now I live for Jesus and for my little daughter who is 7 years old. Praying for all of you! ”

What’s more, with your help, we are continuing to equip over 2,000 believers in Russia, Ukraine and Estonia through our Bible Correspondence Course.

But perhaps one of the greatest impacts of our outreach in this part of the world comes from airing Derek’s teaching on satellite TV twice a week through Russian Broadcasting Network.

Satellite TV is the best medium to reach millions of Russians, especially those living in remote areas who are unable to access teaching resources because of the lack of Internet or poor Internet connections.

We want to continue to expand these outreach opportunities in the next 12 months. That is why I am asking for your help today.

Will you send a gift of $30, $60 or whatever you can share to our DPM outreach in the Former Soviet Republics?

  • Your gift can help release the power of God’s Word into the lives of 20,000 prisoners in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus as they receive free copies of the Self-Study Bible Course.
  • You can ensure that millions of Russian-speaking believers benefit from life-changing Bible teaching by Derek Prince by contributing towards our weekly broadcasts of Derek’s teaching on satellite TV.
  • Or, you can enable us to put Derek’s teaching into the hands of Christians like Nadezhda and Vasily, who are now ministering to couples with marriage problems.

The truth is that your gift and your prayers can go such a long way in offering life-changing Bible teaching to many who are praying for God to manifest His healing power in their lives.

Our outreaches rely on the gifts of individuals like you, and churches like yours, who know and love Derek’s teaching. So, I trust you will give as generously as you can.


 How you can help:

  • $10 can enable hundreds of young Christians to access Derek’s teaching via DPM websites.
  • $30 can put a copy of the Self-Study Bible Course into the hands of 20 pastors.  
  • $100 can help prepare Derek’s teaching for broadcasting on Christian TV.