Zimbabwe: No longer rejected but loved by God


I held a conference in Karoi, about 230 km from Harare, attended by about 50 people and also visited Chinhoyi, Mhapisa, Gwanda, Gweru and Bulawayo. In Gwanda, I was given the platform  to share about Derek’s teaching to Bible school students. Here are two testimonies I received recently:

A lady wrote: "I received the book God’s Remedy for Rejection, and it is really blessing me. I learned that I’m  accepted in the beloved Jesus Christ and that God is not working against me, He will also never take sides against me no matter what. We have a heavenly father who loves us, understands us, thinks the best of us and plans the best for us. I had been feeling rejected, unworthy before both God and men. But now I am applying the steps to God’s remedy for rejection. I’m pregnant and the father has been making false promises. I have decided to just take care of my baby without him. It was causing me stress so I have decided to cut him off so I can try and pick up my life. God has to help me."

Another woman wrote: "I’m based here in Australia and request you to reach out in Mashonaland East (in Zimbabwe). I  didn’t know Derek Prince until recently. Maybe if this gospel of truth that I know today had been there, my childhood would have had less pain. I’m glad to know there’s a representative of DPM in my country. I request that you go to my hometown in Murehwa. Most people need this including my family. It’s hard to break the tradition in them, but with God, nothing is impossible."

Follow-up: After receiving this email, I called the person who sent it and we spoke at length. In short, she grew up in a broken home in Zimbabwe. She got married and left for England with her husband, but her marriage ended in divorce. She then remarried and recently got hold of Derek’s book, Blessing or Curse: You Can Choose. She said it has opened her eyes to the invisible realm by the power of the Holy Spirit. Since then she has been praying for her children and teaching them.

—Tich Ruzanne 

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