Testimony from Pakistan

A youth seminar was held in Karachi during July where James taught from Derek’s book, You Matter to God, and distributed copies to the attendees.

We received the following testimony from the Father of a Catholic Church in Sindh about his spiritual growth: "For the past two years, I observed four of our lay leaders growing in their character and spiritual gifts. I had a conversation with them in the presence of about 58 other leaders. They shared boldly that the transformation in their personal and ministry life is because of the sound Bible teachings of Derek Prince. I was very interested to meet him personally, but found that he went to be with the Lord a few years ago. I also found out from these leaders that his Urdu books are the bestselling books in Pakistan. Living and ministering in a Muslim country is tough and such testimonies impact greatly. We have lots of religious material, but not spiritual teaching. Unfortunately, the Pakistan church is under-resourced in this way. May I take the opportunity to say thank you to the DPM team for educating leaders in Pakistan and being a great source of transformation in the Body of Christ. It is very encouraging to listen to these folks. We have “living Epistles” to witness His goodness in Pakistan! I trust they will grow to their full potential and lead others to the path of righteousness. Thank you so much for developing Pakistani leaders." 

—James and Elizabeth

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