Remember Ali! - mission report from Iran

Every month a team visits Iran to meet secret believers and to share the gospel with Muslims. A strategic tool for these trips are micro SD cards loaded with Derek Prince’s Bible teaching.

Jalil, one of our team members, shared about their recent trip: “We took a taxi to Tabriz city. During this 5 hour drive we had a deep conversation with Ali, the taxi driver. Ali is 40 years old, and he was very honest and open about his beliefs. When he was 12 years old he studied at a Muslim school. One of his teachers of Islam harassed him sexually and for that reason Ali hated Islam. `Mohammed, Moses, Jesus, they´re all the same´, he said. ´They all used people in their time and for their own purposes. I simply try to be a fair person, that´s enough for me.´ Then I asked him: “How would you know they are all the same; did you ever read books about Moses or Jesus?” No, he didn’t. After he agreed it would be fair to read about them before he’d make his judgement, I shared about Jesus and the fact that He is still alive today. He listened carefully. “You are right”, he then said. “I should try to find a book about Jesus.”

During our trip we met many people like Ali. Some of them are disappointed in Islam and very open to hear more about Jesus. We were able to share Gospel with them and give them SD cards and DVD’s about Jesus.

Please remember Ali and the other people we met in your prayers. Pray for them to be open for the Word of Lord and to receive His love!






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