Why Do These Things Happen to God’s People?

Week 2: Job and His Accusing Friends

Job’s Introduction

Derek begins his exploration of the book of Job by giving an overview of a righteous man struck with calamity. What was his position before God? Derek gives us some details of his understanding of why Satan was working against Job. He then introduces us to Job’s three so-called friends.


Understanding Satan’s Power

In today’s message Derek gives much light on how Satan is allowed to do what he does—whether it is bring fire from heaven, sending destructive winds, other people, or attacking man’s health. This can be very helpful in considering the future events foretold in the book of Revelation. Another insight is Satan's ability to bring an attack on the character of God’s servants.


Religious Spirits

Today Derek begins takes a look at the friends of Job. He points out that their accusations of Job—his sinful life and those of his children—were totally false. Derek shows how these same accusations are brought against believers today in many ways, all coming from religious spirits that still cause trouble.


Job’s Response

Derek examines Job’s response to the events that came upon to him and also to his friend’s accusations. At first, Job expressed reverent submission to God, then he lamented that he just didn’t understand why these things happened. Third, Job wanted to die. Lastly, Job affirmed his righteousness.


Facing Reality

Derek explores Job’s declaration that he has a Redeemer and that one day he shall see Him. He then gives the assessment of his friends as being dried up and of no help. Derek uses Job to address why innocent people suffer. The wicked seem to prosper in this life, but what is their future after death?