What Is God Waiting For?

God’s People, God’s Temple

Derek begins this study of why God is waiting by looking at His crowning achievement of creation, which is man. Scripture says we are the temple of the Holy Spirit; a unique building of God He values more than anything and is continually working on.


Precious in His Sight

You are valuable to God and He wants what is inside you. This is the reason Jesus came to reconcile us as Derek so aptly explains. God jealously desires the spirit that is within you and wants you to be totally His, responding to Him in love and total submission.



Derek focuses today on the need for Christians who have a vision for Christ’s return, to purify themselves. It begins on God’s end but we have the responsibility to look at our lives and take whatever steps are required to see that we are pure… clean before the Lord.



Today Derek looks at our position in Christ that we justified. He gives instruction on how we are to purify ourselves by obedience to the truth, and then brings out the importance of our making Jesus central in our lives. In the book of Revelation He is in the middle of the lampstands which are the churches, and that is to be His position in us.


Every Tribe, Tongue, People, and Nation

After making sure Jesus is the center our lives, Derek gets to the answer of his original question. God is waiting for a special people that are taken from every single tribe, tongue, people, and nation who have been washed in the blood of Jesus and made Him their center. Until that is complete, He will go on in spite of all the wickedness and suffering, because His one supreme aim is a people for His Son.