What God’s Word Will Do for You, Part 1

God’s Word Is Alive

God’s word is alive, energetic, penetrating. That God’s Word and God’s Spirit, working together, contain in them the total creative power of God. The results God’s Word produces in us depends on the way we respond to it.


How Faith Comes

Derek discusses the first specific result that God’s Word will produce in us—that is, faith. Scripture says faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. The three successive phases: first, God’s Word; second, you hear it; and third, as you hear it and receive it, it imparts to you faith.


The New Birth

God’s Word in you can produce the greatest miracle that any human being can ever experience—the new birth. Derek explains that God’s Word is like a seed received into our hearts. The Holy Spirit brings forth out of that seed a completely new kind of life—imperishable, eternal, divine.


Spiritual Nourishment

Derek explains how God’s Word provides suitable spiritual nourishment for the new life that has been produced in us by the new birth. This nourishment comes in various forms based on the stage of our spiritual development: first, milk for new-born babes; then bread for those who are growing up; finally, solid food, or a complete diet, for those who are mature.


Physical Healing

God’s Word also provides for your physical body. Through His Word, God offers us healing and health for our physical body. How? Scripture says, that God’s Word did three things for the people who cried out to Him. It says He saved them, He healed them, and He delivered them from their destruction.