Truth, Faith, Love: My God-Given Goals

Jesus, Our Foundation

Today we begin a look at the foundation of Derek’s salvation experience. He speaks of the need for a solid foundation for building a Christian life and then draws from his beginnings of coming to know Jesus. God humorously brought Derek to a place to hear the gospel and then helped him see his need.


Meeting God

Derek continues with his account of seeking for truth to know God. He tells of his decision one night to pray but the inability to, and then how the presence of the Lord came to him and there in the middle of the night his life was totally changed forever by a sovereign move of God.


Adventures in God

Derek picks up with the strange laughter that came from his salvation experience and then tells how he was baptized in the Holy Spirit one night and began speaking in tongues. His next adventure in his new life took him to South Africa and then to the deserts of North Africa for more learning in this life of faith.



Today Derek tells about his journey into learning about God’s provision for healing and how it can be obtained through faith in the Word and its promises.  He was then transferred to Israel where he met a Danish lady who had an orphanage, and who later became his wife, another adventure.


Truth, Faith, and Love

Derek finishes this week’s study by looking at the prophetic word that he would be a teacher of the Scriptures in truth and faith and love which are in Christ Jesus for many. This became his life’s goal and through the years God brought it to fruition in Derek’s life. He discovered the order was just the way it needed to be, culminating in knowing God’s love and producing it in other people.