The White Horse of the Gospel


The Spine

Derek begins this week’s series about prophetic revelation by using a passage in Matthew given by Jesus. Derek calls this passage, The Spine of Prophetic Revelation. This presents true prophecy given by Jesus the Prophet while addressing questions from His disciples regarding the destruction of the temple, the sign of the return of Jesus, and the end of the age.


Birth Pangs

Today Derek begins looking at the signs Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24—the labor pains of all creation groaning. Wars, famines, earthquakes, and persecution of Christians will plumb new levels never seen before. We must remember, though, that these signs all lead up to the glorious return of Jesus!


The Sign

Derek continues Jesus’ discourse concerning end times, and comes to what is the sign that the end is at hand. This is Matthew 24:14: “This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations.” This is how we can hasten the coming of the day of the return of Jesus.


Great Tribulation

Derek moves on from the Great Tribulation to reveal religious deception that will occur during this time. Jesus speaks of vultures gathering on a corpse as these labor pains of trouble descend one by one upon the earth. Derek goes on to look at the final two harvests: the harvest of grain (which are the souls of men), and the harvest of the grapes of wrath (which refer to God's judgment).


The White Horse

Today Derek finishes this message with a look at the four horsemen described in Revelation. In particular, he focuses on the rider of the white horse—Jesus the conqueror. That rider keeps ahead of the other horses and brings in the vast harvest of souls that comes before final judgment.