The Power of Proclamation


Confession and Proclamation

Today we begin a power-packed series—one that could literally change the course of your life. As you listen, you’ll discover the many benefits of proclaiming the Word of God in your life, and how you can affect the lives of others through “The Power of Proclamation.”


The Word and the Spirit

God’s Word is supernaturally powerful. And, to that end, Derek brings out some very interesting and compelling Scriptures in today’s lesson. He also said: “If the Spirit of God propels the Word of God through your mouth, it is as effective as it was when God spoke the universe into being.” Listen now to hear more on this astounding truth.


The Rod of God

We can actually release the judgments and blessings of God that are written in the Scripture through the “Power of Proclamation.” God has given us the ability to affect change not only in our lives personally, but also bring about change for loved ones and even for entire nations!



Today, we’ll hear some examples from Derek of what he referred to as “self-defense” Scriptures—Scriptures we can proclaim for very specific situations in our personal lives. We believe you’ll be greatly encouraged by what he had to share.


Proclamations for the Nations

Derek issues a challenge to us to move beyond praying and proclaiming for just our own needs. Instead, we need to get past what he called “self-defense” proclamations, and rise up to a more aggressive level of proclamation. Become involved in praying and proclaiming over national and international affairs, too.