The Enemies We Face, Part 2

The Nature of Witchcraft


Witchcraft’s Root

Derek begins his study by looking at the connection between witchcraft and rebellion against God. Using the example of King Saul and the prophet Samuel, Derek shows us that when rebellion rejects the authority of God’s Word then witchcraft comes in.


Three Aspects of Witchcraft

Today we look at the first of three aspects of witchcraft and its working within the church. The operation of witchcraft as a work of the flesh has three key action words. It seeks to manipulate, intimidate, and dominate. Derek begins by giving examples of how these work in everyday life.


Spiritual Power

Derek finishes looking at how the works of the flesh operate by manipulation and intimidation. He then begins looking at witchcraft in its second aspect, through such things as spells and curses. Derek uses the example of Balaam from the Old Testament, who was what we might call a witch doctor.


Divination and Sorcery

Today we look first at divination, or fortune-telling, which is the knowledge element of witchcraft. Second comes sorcery, or occult activity, which is usually done through objects such as potions, charms, music or drugs. The third area of witchcraft is that which works within the church to obscure the revelation of the reality of Jesus Christ crucified.


Legalism and Works

Derek finishes this week’s study by looking at how witchcraft can gain control within the church through legalism and the works of the flesh. When this happens, we find we are no longer trusting in the supernatural grace and power of God. Instead, we are trusting what we can do in our own strength.