The Enemies We Face, Part 1

The Structure of Satan’s Kingdom


Two Opposing Kingdoms

Derek begins this four-week study by addressing the reality of two opposing spiritual kingdoms, which are at war with one another. These are the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Using Scripture, Derek gives us a picture of levels of rulerships within Satan’s kingdom.


The Origin of Satan

Today Derek uses two passages to examine the origin of Satan, or Lucifer, who served God in heaven as an angel, but who became proud and was cast down. Derek gives a description of this created being who wanted to be above God and who then led a rebellion among the angels.


Three Heavens

Derek points out that Scripture speaks of “heavens” in the plural, and then gives us his understanding of the three divisions. God is in the third and highest heaven and Satan is in the second. Using the experience of Daniel, Derek reveals how demonic forces in the second heaven can actually hold up answers to prayers.


Warfare in the Heavenlies

Today we will look at what was going on in the spirit realm during Daniel’s twenty-one day fast. From the first day Daniel set his heart to seek God, the angel Gabriel was sent to speak with Daniel but was held back by demonic activity in the heavens. Michael the Archangel was sent to help Gabriel to get through. This story will bring clarity to our understanding of unseen things when we seek God.



Finishing this first week’s study, Derek highlights several areas by which Satan attempts to rule over men, beginning with rebellion, then pride. Satan’s two main ambitions are to dominate the whole human race, and to receive worship. Witchcraft, the natural religion of fallen man, permeates the whole human race.