Taking Time to Wait on God

Joined to the Head

Beginning this study Derek distinguishes between the head and the body in showing that Jesus is our head and we are His body. He speaks about four functions of the head; it receives input or communication from the body. The head makes decisions, it initiates action, and it coordinates the activity of the other members as they carry out the decisions.


The Work of the Holy Spirit

Derek begins looking at the importance of our relationship with the Holy Spirit and His working in our lives. He is the One Jesus sent to give direction to believers so we each need to learn to be sensitive and listen to Him as He works in our lives.


Having the Mind of Christ

Today Derek looks at how decisions were made concerning matters in the beginning church. When replacing Judas the eleven disciples sought God for who He wanted. In Antioch the Holy Spirit spoke and said to separate Barnabas and Paul. Serving and waiting are the two main callings in the Christian life.


Waiting on God

Derek continues his teaching on waiting by looking at what may hinder our fellowship with the Lord; unconfessed sin. If we have sin in our life we are not truly walking in the light and thus are not in fellowship. Spending time waiting on God gives Him an opportunity to speak to us about anything that may need to be confessed and dealt with.


Steps for Waiting

Derek uses an account of a three week experience of waiting on God to show how life changing and important waiting can be. He lists several steps that were involved during this time that you can incorporate into your life: sitting at His feet, beholding His glory, the vertical way, and falling in love with Jesus.