Relationship with God’s People


Covenant Relationships Are Horizontal Too

The same covenant that brings us into relationship with God also brings us into relationship with God’s people. Thus relationship with God’s people also is based on covenant.


Laying Down Our Lives

There never was a valid covenant without a sacrifice and a sacrifice represents the death of the one who makes the covenant. A person enters into covenant through his own death. This is not merely established in the Old Testament, but carried on into the New.


The New Lifestyle—Koinonia

Entering into covenant with others brings us into a distinctive new lifestyle. In New Testament Greek, the the word koinonia is used to describe this lifestyle. In most English Bibles, this word is translated “fellowship” or “sharing in a common life.”


The Covenant Meal

In today’s message Derek speaks about the distinctive New Testament ordinance or sacrament that symbolizes and perpetuates a special lifestyle. God’s people over the centuries have adopted various names for this: the Eucharist, Communion, the Lord’s Supper, or the Breaking of Bread.


Conduct that Undermines Covenant

Today’s topic is such a solemn and serious subject, that Derek brings to you a special word of warning regarding conduct that undermines covenant. God’s demands for covenant commitment as the basis for relationship are clearly set forth in Scripture, as Derek will bring to light.