Protection from Deception

True and False Manifestations

Derek begins this subject of protection from deception by talking about the need to judge any manifestations of supernatural signs by the Word of God. His concern is that the people of God not be deceived by anything, but that our belief in and love for the truth keep us steady in our walk with the Lord.


Keeping the Spirit Pure

Today Derek speaks of the importance of keeping the ministry of the Holy Spirit pure from workings of the flesh or other spirits. His assessment of manifestations in recent Christian moves gives light and understanding to what we see today. Derek stresses that signs accompany the preached Word; they should not be a separate activity.


Discerning the Real from the False

Derek looks at love to see what it really means and how God uses love in correction of his children. He addresses counterfeits of the Holy Spirit, and then begins giving three ways to identify the Holy Spirit in supernatural workings. He also notes there is a difference between the Holy Spirit and his gifts.


The Holy Spirit

Derek continues speaking about who the Holy Spirit is and His nature. His aim is not to glorify Himself but Jesus. He is holy and all that proceeds from Him is holy. Holiness is an essential part of salvation and we must see this in our lives and actions.


Deceiving Spirits

Today Derek finishes this study on honoring the Holy Spirit by addressing various moves or ministries where people mimic various animals and think it is of the Holy Spirit. He recounts experiences in Africa where people who had demons acted like animals, and stresses we must see these things for what they are.