Laying the Foundation, Part 9

Resurrection of the Body


Between Death and Resurrection

Derek begins this study of the resurrection by first defining what it is. He then looks at what happened at death to the spirit, soul, and body of those who died before Jesus was resurrected. Keep in mind that the death and resurrection of Jesus produced a change in the universe. It was the most decisive event in history, and it affected what happened to those who died.


Jesus, Firstborn from the Dead

Derek explains here how the resurrection of Jesus impacted man’s spirit, soul, and body. As the church, we are Christ’s body and so we are partakers of His resurrection. We will have glorious bodies just like His. Everyone who has this hope in Him purifies himself just as Jesus is pure.


The Resurrected Body

Today’s study looks more at five specific changes that will happen when we put on our glorified bodies. We will have a spiritual body, controlled by the Spirit and not led by the human soul. In weakness our bodies are sown, but in power they will be raised.


Resurrection Witnesses

Derek looks at several Scriptures that prophesy the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus. These prophets witnessed these events hundreds of years before they happened. Then Derek gives us a list of witnesses still alive after the resurrection of Jesus. The whole history of the universe revolves around this resurrection of Jesus.


The Importance of Resurrection

Today Derek concludes this theme of the resurrection of the dead by explaining the importance of Christ’s resurrection. He points out that our own resurrection is the completion of our redemption. Jesus died for the whole person. His salvation includes spirit, soul, and body, and that salvation is not complete until we have been resurrected and are again with Him.