Laying the Foundation, Part 6

Immersion in the Holy Spirit


Jesus, the Baptizer

Derek begins this week’s study of the baptism (or immersion) in the Holy Spirit with a look at the word of prophecy. Who would do this? In all four gospels, John the Baptist identified Jesus as He who would baptize in the Holy Spirit. Derek then explains what this baptism entails. It is through an individual infilling—resulting in a supernatural outflow.


The Seal

Today Derek continues by showing how the baptism in the Holy Spirit places a seal on us marking us as God’s possession, which is demonstrated by speaking with other tongues as the Spirit gives you to speak. Using Scripture, he shows us how speaking in tongues was the proof that the apostles used to identify believers who were baptized in the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit upon You

Derek looks at two ways the Holy Spirit is administered in the New Testament: direct from heaven and by the laying on of hands. The message of the gospel is supernatural—it is power from on high, brought to us in signs and wonders wrought by the Holy Spirit.


Baptized into One Body

In today’s study Derek makes clear to us that in one Spirit we, as believers, have been baptized into one body and made to drink from one Spirit. The key word emphasized is one, and points to unity in the body of Christ—all believers being members of one body, without division.


Receiving the Holy Spirit

Derek finishes this week’s look at immersion in the Spirit by leading you in the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He lists seven requirements for receiving and then invites you to receive. Then you can share with others, so they too can be blessed!