Laying the Foundation, Part 3

Through Repentance to Faith


Doctrinal Foundation Steps

Derek begins a look at the six foundational doctrines that will take you from the starting point of the Christian faith to its ultimate fulfillment in eternity. We begin this study with repentance from dead works, which Derek notes is a decision we make, not an emotion we feel. Dead works are anything we do that is not done in faith to God.


A True Change of Mind

Today we look at just what repentance means and what it looks like. Derek explains the Greek and Hebrew meanings, drawing them together into a picture that can be seen in the parable of the prodigal son. When this prodigal son, in his misery and broken state, came to himself, he was able to repent and return to his father’s house in humility.


Repent and Believe

In today’s session Derek stresses the importance that repentance has to be made before one can fully enter into faith in Christ and be saved. There can be no forgiveness without repentance. This was the message that began in Jerusalem and continues to all nations today.


Repentance Demands Action

Derek continues his message on a serious note: the fact that God hasn’t changed, and neither has the gospel message. Throughout the book of Acts repentance was stressed first; then came believing in Christ, and then baptism. When God initiates repentance in our lives, He is looking for a response from us.


The Nature of Faith

Derek finishes this week’s study by transitioning from the way of repentance to the walk of faith. He begins with a look at the nature of faith—what it is and where it originates. Faith speaks from our heart and our high priest, Jesus, adds power to it. Faith comes before seeing, but speaks out by confessing hope with determination.