Laying the Foundation, Part 2

Authority and Power of God's Word


The Inspiration of Scripture

In this week’s teaching, Derek addresses the authority of the Word of God and the power behind and in it. Today he explains how the Bible was written by various fallible men who were inspired by the Holy Spirit to put down in words what He directed them to write.


It Is Written

Derek looks at how Jesus dealt with Satan when he questioned what God had said. It is the same ploy used on Eve and others throughout history. Jesus quoted directly from the Word of God; and He is our example for how we should deal with spiritual warfare in our lives.


The Sword of the Spirit

Derek explains that the authority behind the Scripture is the Holy Spirit, who causes those truths to work in our lives bringing discernment, life, and power. The Word has the ability to separate the soulish from the spiritual, revealing the thoughts and intents of the heart of man.


The Provision Is in the Promises

Today Derek continues teaching how God has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness through the promises He has made in His Word. He then begins a look at the effects God’s Word can have in your life–what it will do for you as you feed on it.


Eating the Word

Derek finishes the teaching from this week by going through the effects God’s Word can have on your life. God’s Word produces faith, it is the seed of the new birth, and it is spiritual nourishment. It produces illumination, provides physical healing, and makes possible victory over sin and Satan. It also provides cleansing and holiness, and is a spiritual mirror.