How to Live in a World Falling Apart


Living in the Last Days

Derek begins this message by quoting Jesus’ description of the last days. Jesus said that corruption in the last days will be like in the days of Noah and Lot, and self-love will be rampant. Derek’s aim is not to dwell on these facts, but to point them out and then present the way we are to live in these days.


Objectives for the End of the Age

God’s will for Israel to be reborn is a sign of the last days, and Derek has witnessed this firsthand. He offers words of counsel from the Bible that you should align your life with God’s priorities. The first priority is for the coming of His kingdom on the earth in the person of His chosen King, Jesus.


Shaking the Earth and the Heavens

Derek continues to look at the coming of the kingdom of God at a time when the world is being shaken. We have a choice to make: to love God or love the world and its lusts. We can’t have both. God’s priority is to have a people who are purified just as Jesus is pure.


Marks of Preparation

Today we look at seven requirements in the life of a Christian who is truly looking forward to the coming of the Lord. These appear in 2nd Peter, chapter 3. Derek explores each one of these, starting with holy conduct, godliness, looking for the coming of the Lord, hastening His coming, being found by Him in peace, without spot, and blameless. Let’s consider these points together.



Derek finishes this week’s message with a word about marriage and the need to put God first when you are considering choosing a mate. Remember to wait on God. Let God do it. Then Derek addresses the need for everyone to put their occupation and their whole life before the Lord—to commit and give yourself totally to Him.