Grace, Week 3

Grace Is a “Presence”

Using the Levitical blessing from Numbers 6, Derek notes that when the Lord turns His face toward you, His grace or favor is extended. Then, bringing us in to New Testament blessings, we see that grace comes first followed by peace—God’s peace. Where God’s peace is, there is the King’s presence.


Grace Teaches Godliness

Did you know grace teaches you things? Today Derek looks at Paul’s letter to Titus, who was a young pastor. It instructs him to teach various groups and how to instruct them. Then Paul brings out that it is grace that does the teaching and how it will speak to your circumstances, giving wisdom and guidance. Be prepared to listen.


Grace Produces Thankfulness

When grace comes into our lives, it will produce fruit and one vital area will be our lips. What comes out of your mouth? Grace and gratitude are two aspects of the same word, so when you have grace you will be thankful. Grace to our speech is like salt to our food.


Grace Produces Generosity

Today Derek looks at how it was the grace of God that caused the Corinthian church to generously give to the poor in Jerusalem. The welfare of others was paramount as an outworking of grace. Many other truths are brought out from Scripture about giving. What a wheel of turning! As we give it is given back to us, and as it is given to us we can give again.


Grace Is Sufficient

Derek finishes this study on grace by taking a statement from Paul and emphasizing that God’s grace is sufficient. Whatever the circumstances may be, if you are in the will of God, His grace is enough to see you through. He reminds us once again of the riches of God’s grace. There is no lack, no shortage of grace available to us.