Grace, Week 2

God Gives Grace to the Humble

What is the one essential requirement for receiving God’s grace? Derek makes no apologies for addressing this question. Scripture says “Humble yourself.” It is a decision each of us must make. We must guard against self-righteousness and pride by humbling ourselves and submitting to God. As we do, God’s grace will be extended to us.


How to Receive God’s Grace

What do you do to receive God’s grace? The answer is nothing; stop trying to do. Grace is not found in anything you can do; just receive it because of what Jesus has done for you. Stop trying to earn God’s grace and yield yourself without reservation to Jesus.


Learning to Rely on God’s Grace

How do we learn to rely on God’s grace in our daily living? Today Derek offers three steps to help you walk out your reliance upon grace; affirm that Christ lives in you, put no confidence in your flesh, and rely on Christ’s all-sufficiency. Keep your eyes on the One who is faithful.


Making Room for God’s Grace

When we are born again, we become new creatures and that means our old man is dead. We have to deny self, acknowledge Jesus is Lord and Master. We are His slaves, also serving His servants. As we do this, we become vessels of grace. Derek shares from experience how this truth of finding himself where death of self-life has led to the manifestation of Jesus.


Boasting of Grace Alone

Today Derek finishes the week showing how grace leaves no room for boasting—except in what the Lord has done. Abraham had no reason for boasting; his righteousness was accounted to him on the basis of his faith. Our father of faith had nothing in himself and neither do we. All are dependent on God to extend His grace to us, taking the lowest and lifting us to the highest.