Grace, Week 1

Grace Defined

In this series right here at this Christmas season, Derek looks at the gift of grace that has been extended to all mankind. What is it? Today Derek will provide a complete definition of the word, also adding that in Scripture grace means beauty, favor, or pleasure and, in essence, it is the way God looks at us.


Grace vs. Works

It is imperative to understand that we are saved—made righteous—through faith in Christ and not by works. Today Derek explains that if salvation were by works we would have to keep the whole law, all the time. But we are not able—only Christ could do that. We must achieve righteousness by grace, trusting in His death and resurrection on our behalf.


Man’s Need of God’s Grace

Derek gives several pictures of the condition of man from the Old and New Testaments, all summed up in three phrases: darkness, hopelessness and no expectation but death. Man didn’t even know he was in that condition, but then God came and turned on the Light so that now we can see. That is grace!


Grace vs. Justice

Justice is very exact and totally objective. Using examples from building construction, Derek shows how justice is absolute and, because of sin, humans can’t measure up. We need mercy. Thank God, there is another side to the coin: God has provided the grace by which we can obtain mercy.


The Only Basis for Grace

Today we see how God took care of the problem of satisfying justice so that we could receive mercy. We were all sinners but Jesus came and took the punishment for us all. In His sacrifice we have been reconciled to God and grace is ours.