God’s Three End-Time Purposes

Your Kingdom Come

As we begin this message, Derek states God’s ultimate goal for this present age: the coming of His kingdom. From Scripture, Derek expounds on this to show God’s concern for the poor and downtrodden. Sodom was judged for not caring about those less fortunate. Derek brings us to the present age, to warn us of the possibility of judgment.


Birth Pangs

Derek takes us to Scripture, where Jesus warns us about the birth pains that will precede the coming of the kingdom of God. There will be ethnic conflicts, political wars, betrayal and killing of Christians, deception, and lawlessness. Birth pains will continue to grow in intensity. Will you endure to the end?


Signs of the Times

Derek enumerates the first of God’s end-time purposes: that the gospel will be preached in all the world as a witness to all nations. The second end-time purpose is the restoration of Israel—first, to their homeland and then to their God.


God’s Choice of Israel

In today’s session, Derek delves into the history of Israel and God's promise of restoration to their land which He gave them. Derek explains how the land was divided up, and discusses consequences to the nations involved in it. God is jealous for His people, and the treatment of the Jews is very close to His heart.


The Bride has Made Herself Ready

The third end-time purpose Derek speaks of today regards the bride of Christ, the church, and her need to have made herself ready for Jesus. He sets down three requirements for the Bride: first, total loyalty to Jesus; second, a heartfelt yearning for the return of her bridegroom; and third, proper clothing  which is the righteous acts of the saints.