God Knows No Generation Gap

Common Characteristics

Derek begins this theme by expounding on four characteristics of the Christian life that span all age groups: loyalty, friendship, commitment and a desire to succeed. He begins with loyalty, considered as faith. Friendship is next; friends become close personal relationships. Closely related to friendship is commitment, a personal commitment to Jesus Christ. Tomorrow we look at the fourth characteristic: the desire to succeed.


The Key to Success

Today we look at the fourth common characteristic of the Christian life and that is the desire to succeed. Derek teaches that everyone, in a sense, has a yearning for success. The key to attaining that success is to do the will of God. The will of God is unshakable, unchanging, eternal and undefeatable. And when you unite your will with the will of God, you become like that will of God: unshakable, unchanging, undefeatable.


Encountering Jesus

Derek relates his own testimony: how he was saved in an army barracks by a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus and the immediate effects that event had on his life. He then tells of how the Lord trained him to take the Word and use it to bring about change—specifically the healing of his body.


God-anointed Prayer

Today Derek continues with his experiences in the army as a soldier for Christ. He tells of a night God anointed him to pray for the people of Sudan and the privilege of leading the first of these to Jesus. This is an exciting story of the life of faith Derek had with God.


Adventures in Faith

Derek finishes this week’s message by telling how he led his Sudanese friend, Ali, to Jesus, and the way it impacted everyone at the hospital. He then invites you to commit your life afresh to the Lord, also giving an opportunity for any listener to receive Christ and find this salvation that comes through Him alone.