Gifts of the Spirit, Part 2

Gifts of Healings

The nature of the healing that is spoken about here, Derek tells us, is the healing power of God channeled through the one who ministers the gift into the body of the one who is sick. Healing is directly related to sickness—where there is no sickness, there is no need of healing. So, healing is God’s divine, supernatural power, channeled through a human believer, into the body of the one who is sick.


The Working of Miracles

The working of miracles and healings are closely related, yet distinct. Healings may be gradual and in hidden areas of the body. Miracles are normally visible and frequently they are instantaneous. Listen as Derek explains about the working of miracles from Scripture and his own experience.



Today Derek gives some great guidelines and examples from Scripture regarding the gift of prophecy. Have you ever received a prophecy that you knew was from the Lord? Did it, as Derek said, “build up, stir up and cheer you up?”



More often than not, the gift of tongues is shunned and at the very least misunderstood. Why would God give such a gift to the Body of Christ? You can find out today. Lay aside any preconceived ideas and listen as Derek goes through the Scripture line-upon-line to help us understand this gift.


Interpretation of Tongues

Interpretation of tongues is the ability, supernaturally given by the Holy Spirit, to present in a known language the meaning of something that has previously been given out in an unknown language. The person who brings the interpretation may be the same person who gave the utterance in the unknown tongue or it may be another person. The Scripture leaves room for either possibility.